July 1, 2016| Author: Dr. Kong

Patients still ask about the term, ‘Damp-Phlem’.

Patients still ask about the term, ‘Damp-Phlem’.

In terms of oriental medicine, It is the practically, Body waste which didn’t get absorbed nor come out of the body.

When it travels around your body, It could end up staying in vessels, Lymph system, Any organs, or anywhere in the body.

It could also be developed to cancerous cell over time.

With acupuncture treatment, We can dissolve the Damp-Phlem by redirecting energy flow(qi).

If it’s not treated soon enough, It could simply cause moving sharp shooting pain, Especially around mid back to rib cage area.

People often misunderstand it as ‘pulled-muscle pain’ but it should be differentiated from Dam-Phlem accumulation pain.


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