Author: Dr. Kong


It was believed that allergies were caused simply due to seasonal pollen. However, the belief has been changed since allergy patients have been increased exponentially over the past years. Allergies are not seasonal condition anymore, yet year-round condition these days.

Symptoms are very similar to early condition of cold but it mainly causes sinusitis, and sneezing. Those prolonged symptoms can also cause pain in the chest, fatigue, dry and redness in the eyes, and sleep apnea that causes sleeping problems. All the symptoms can get worse at night and closed public area such as subway station, department store.

In oriental medicine, we approach to the symptoms as a whole, not individually. In general, we focus more on the lung function, which is a root cause, rather than nose itself. That is, if you have healthy lungs, you won’t suffer too much from catching a cold compared to those who have unhealthy lungs.

To prevent or avoid allergies:

1. Avoid cold wind
2. Don’t drink too cold stuff
3. Calm yourself
4. Control your temper
5. Don’t worry too much
6. Take some herb decoction( such as mai men dong, yi yi ren, gie geng, ma huang, huang gin…)


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