Author: Dr. Kong

Back Pain

Back Pain: One of master Tong’s point shows the maximum efficiency for back pain that comes with fatigue and gets worse with coughing.

Patient came with lower back pain. the pain gets worse with overwork, fatigue, cough. it’s fixed sharp pain.

The patient was in good shape. He has been working out with the pain over the weekend and the pain got worse.
The pain is radiating more toward right side. He said heating pad alleviate the pain.

I just inserted one needle on his left hand.

It’s ‘Ling Gu’ point where the index and the thumb split. I inserted about 1.5 cun.

After needling about 5 min, I had him stand up and walk. He started to feel better. I retained the needle about 5 more minutes, and took it out. After the treatment, his back pain got better about 80% from just one needle with 10 minute insertion.


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