Author: Dr. Kong

Back Pain Acupuncture

Back Pain Acupuncture

– When the pain lasts longer than 6 months then we call it lumbago-chronic back pain. Spine is only foundation for our body to support us to stand. It’s prone to occur for those whose job involves physical activities a lot or stressful work, staying at same position for prolonged time. It often causes disc issues.

Prolonged sitting makes the pain worse?
– Of course, ideally laying position is the best for not giving any stress for your back. When you are in stand-up position, the weight distributed to back, knees, and ankles. However, when you sit, your back take full responsible for upper body weight. So it’s better to stretch it out every 50 min after sitting.

Weather matters?
– Lots of times, the pain gets worse with damp cold weather. It’s normally due to lower air pressure. It also bothers circulation in our body in term of oriental medicine. Normally the kidneys and the liver get involved for low back pain in oriental medicine which also could cause other condition such as low energy and stress, headache…


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