Author: Dr. Kong

Cupping Glass Therapy

After seen on TV from Olympic Team USA’s hero, Michael Phelps’ back black marks, We do get lots of inquiries about cupping.

It’s not something that is a new technique. It’s been used in Asian country for thousands of years.

Even though scientific researches are not completely proven to be effective at this point, It helps promoting blood circulation on local area.

Often it gets done with Moxabustion, which technique is to burn Mugwart on the skin.

So people shouldn’t be too fascinated by the black marks on the back of Michael Phelps or Gwyneth Paltrow.

It’s main purpose is to just promote the blood circulating and subside the inflammation.

Often we prick the skin where it will be covered with cupping so the thick and stagnated blood can come out as a waste.


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