Author: Dr. Kong


Many people suffer from sleeping problem lately while others are enjoying energy drinks for staying up all night.

Insomnia could cause other complications such as chronic fatigue, severe headache, lack of appetite, weight gaining, stress, irritations, even constipations.

In terms of oriental medicine, there are many patterns for insomnia.

1. Stomach and spleen deficiency: this type of insomnia often comes along with cloudy/foggy head, lack of appetite, heaviness of the body, nausea or vomiting sensation.

2. Heart deficiency/excess: it could come along with acid reflux, heart burning, migraine, anxiety, and stress

3. Kidney deficiency: patients often experience dizziness, dry mouth, stifling chest especially at night.

Proper exercise, regular sleeping pattern, and taking some herbs such as suan zao ren(sour jujube seed) will help for insomnia.


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