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Author: Dr. Kong

Q and A for weight loss acupuncture

Q and A for weight loss acupuncture

When it comes to obesity, simply it can be determined by body mass index(BMI) which is higher than 25 is considered to be overweight.

1. When you are on a diet, is it good to drink more water?

– More than 90% of our body is consist of water, so it’s good to drink it often. However, drinking too much at night might lower the function of the kidneys which causes edema(swelling in the body)

2. Is it true someone has a body constitution that gains weight even with drinking water only?

– No, water contains zero calories. people often forget that they had some snacks with water and only remember that they drank water. It’s obviously better to eat very little or no carbs after 6PM and if you can even skip it then it might make you feel even lighter following morning. Along with that diet plan, you should do cardio at least 30 min, 3 times a week to lose weight. When it comes to weight loss acupuncture, we don’t only consider calories that you intake, but more importantly, your body constitution. Depending on patient’s body constitution, we determine how to approach for weight loss with an acupuncture.

3. Lists of some herbs that help to lose weight along with weight loss acupuncture

– Bai Zhu, Si hu, Dang gui, Mai moon dong, Gan cao, Ginger, Huo shi, Shi gao, Huang qin, Gie geng, Fang feng, Bo he, Bai shao yao, Ma huang…


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